Very 50s Dirndl skirt

It seems like cheating to post a Dirndl because they are so, so easy. Plus, this was a border print so I didn't even have to hem it! The fabric is vintage from Ebay - if you can't make it out, its a medieval couple with a cart full of flowers pulled by a St Bernard. I so covet vintage border print skirts like this - especially since Prada did a similar line of "travel" themed skirts a year or two ago that were just gorgeous - but the Prada is definitely out of my price range, and even vintage skirts of this type go for a lot on ebay. Plus, they are usually in teenager sizes (25" waists). I was pretty excited when I found the fabric and was able to make my own!
Here I'm dressed for work. It turned out to be a 14-hour day, which reminded me of another perk of the dirndl: So. Comfortable.