October-January Project

Once again we will run the project for 4 months as I know we all tend to get a little bit less sewing time around this time of year!

The theme for this project is called No More Buts.....

I know we all have a vintage pattern (or vintage style pattern) that we look at longingly from time to time

...but it needs redrafting as the waist/bust/hips/whole thing are too big/small

...but you don't have just the right bit of fabric to make it

...but it's a little bit harder than you're used to making so it's a bit scary

...but it's a really old pattern and you're scared of ripping it or messing it up somehow

...but you're not sure how often or where you'd wear it



No more buts ladies! If you need a piece of fabric for it go and get it (yes, I am encouraging you to buy fabric, sorry!), if it's harder than you're used to embrace the challenge, if it needs altering and you're not sure how post here and people will guide you or direct you to the resources you need to get it right.

This theme could also apply to fabric that you own and haven't used because of any number of reasons, find a pattern for that lovely stuff and use it up, it's made to be worn not stored away!

I'm really looking forward to seeing your creations and hearing your 'but' stories, make sure you take time to do something you love for *you* (ie sewing!) in the run up to and during the busy holiday period!