Double whammy

Hi all. First up I have an astoundingly loud barbeque shirt I stitched up for my feller from Style 1226, a 1970s body shirt pattern. As you might expect, the collar is enormous. It's unclear whether or not he'll have the chutzpah to wear this in public, but with gentle encouragement, I think he might. I think it's perfectly reasonable to consider your loved ones as walking mannequins pleading to be adorned, don't you?
I'm going to inflict the same pattern on my brother for his birthday. I'd post a picture of the awesome pattern cover art but I can't actually locate it in the sewing room chaos at present.

Next up is a vintage dress that I bought recently even though it's terribly, irreperably stained and worn, plus much too short for me. It was only five bucks.
I thought I'd run it past you all, dear SewRetro experts, about the prospect of carefully disassembling it and using it as a pattern because I just love all that crazy pleating in the bust and at the back (which I didn't photograph, sorry) there is a splendid fishtail skirt. Anyone got any advice? Is this absolute folly?