Style 1815, 1978-style

Neat little 70s shirtdress I finished this evening.

The fabric is a super cheap and nasty cotton print but it was only $2 a metre... I think it was perhaps a sample, or printed in sections to be made into garments, because the pattern cut out every 80cm or so. Thusly the band on the bottom to make it long enough. But lo, switch the pattern direction and it looks like a feature. Wily.

See that frock second from the right? That's exactly what my primary school uniform looked like. Perhaps I'll whip one up when I feel like regressing to age 6 and go swing on some monkey bars.

This frock makes me part of the International Sewing Conspiracy... it's in the International Wear A Dress Day flickr group. Erin's extended it to a whole week so get frocking and flickring, folks!