What should be next?

As I posted before, I've got the polka dot dresses planned for the girls for Easter - so a definite time limit there... I'm contemplating making something for myself other than a purse (!).

I have yet to master the art of fitting on myself and attempts at a body double have been abysmal abject failures. Add to that a weird body shape courtesy of three pregnancies and the weight gain that goes with and well... Let's just say getting anything to fit over the pooch is *fun*.

I'm tossed up with the following patterns:

Vintage Vogue reprints V2885 & 2636; Butterick 4369; Very Easy Very Vogue 8679 & New Look 6457:

Please vote in the comments. You have until the 31st of March to vote. At that point, I'll make a tally and whatever got the highest number of votes is what I'll make. And then I'll blog about it.