50% Retro

This dress is a frankenstein project. It's half retro and half....um, classic? The bodice is the "Vintage Vogue" reprint, Vogue 2960. It's the same pattern I used for my Cloud Dress. I slapped it onto an eight-gore flared skirt (recently OOP Vogue 7910) to make something with plenty of twirl that didn't require The Fluffer. I made it for an outdoor wedding at the beginning of October.

The biggest lesson from this project was that it's not too difficult to neatly attach a bodice with front and back darts and CB and CF seams to an eight gore skirt. All my darts and seams matched perfectly at the waist without much hassle! I will definitely be thinking about frankenstein-ing more fantastic retro bodices to wearable modernish skirts. I love the full skirts and the fluffer, but it's a bit much for work most days.

More details on my blog, Chronically Uncool.

Pardon the lack of ironing and the lumpiness (and the obvious dangling bra strap) - it's been a real challenge to keep up with sewing, photographing and blogging my projects with a 5-month old baby in the house. If I waited until everything was perfect I'd never get anything posted!