Butterick 4948 jumper, c.1970

I haven't made anything from a vintage pattern for awhile. Well, let's say I haven't finished one in a while.

However, I have now, Butterick 4948. I picked up this little 1970's gem some time ago, in part because it reminded me of these modern Sabyasachi Spring 2007 designs.

Also, I was in love with the pattern picture where it is worn over the striped turtleneck. I sure love me some striped tees, too bad you can't find good multicolored stripe knits in the fabric stores, not even online. If you know of any, please let me know.

From the beginning I knew I was going to make this in corduroy, though my first choice was orange or red. However, I never found one I liked and I preferred to feel the fabric before buying so I found myself at Jo-Ann's. They had a great red called Jester Red and this purple called Blackberry. Since I've been on a purple kick lately, I decided on the Blackberry in a 16 wale. It's extremely soft, you could make pillows out of it.

The only change I made to the design is with the collar. The original had a flared curved line to it and I altered it to a straight line. Otherwise, I made no other design changes and besides widening the hips a bit (not really needed, as it turned out) I made the dress without any fitting alterations. I think I could even get by with a smaller size in the body but the bodice would have to be the same as I can barely get it over my head as it is. You can read my pattern review here.
So what do you think, does it scream 1970 to you?