Butterick 4681 (1960s) DONE!

Yay! It is finally done, but was another *ahem* learning experience. Haven't I had enough of them? This is what I started with:

And went through many trials and tribulations, including having to move the very badly placed original bust darts. Here is the finished product:

Which came out as it should, in theory, but it makes me look like a tent looking for a circus. I wrangled with various ideas of salvaging it by taking it in and making a cinch belt, but it just made me tired and eager to get on to a new project. Then it hit me. There are beautiful covered buttons that are covered up by the big bow. So I took the bow, made it a belt, and now I love it! However, it still makes me look much more hefty than I really am in this picture. Seriously, I am only about 135 pounds and 5"8'.

Here is a peek at the interior. The pretty seams are one reason I was loathe to take it in.

Next up is to finally do the Lady Grey Sew-Along. Better late than never!