Introducing myself.

Hi everyone,
I have been a long time stalker on sew retro, so now that I've started sewing with vintage patterns, I'd thought I'd say hello. So hello!

I started sewing in February this year, I have always loved the style of 50's and early 60's dresses and own many store bought dresses that are created in the spirit of those times. I have only started to make vintage dresses in the last month or so. I have completed Vogue 1043, and currently have in the works Vogue 6478 and McCall's 4870

vogue 1043
 I recently bought 67+ patterns off eBay for about $30 US dollars. Which I hope will keep me going for a while. Feel free to stop by my blog .

Also now that I have discovered sewing blogs my sewing time has been taken up by reading blogs instead. Feel free to leave a link and I'll come and have a read. :)

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