I can't stop making swimsuits

 And this pattern from the late 50′s/early 60′s is a real gem.

It’s a fast and easy to sew.
Making it up in lycra is definitely worth a shot too.
Could also be made as a full length all-in-one for hot weather off the beach. It’s such a good shape and fit I may even make a little linen dress from it as well. 
It really cheered me up after the disasters I had with this pattern:

I made calico toiles in of views 2, 3 &4. They're all cut on the bias. Well thats fine. But all three have to be the most unflattering little bra tops I've ever tried on!  The horizontal seam in no.2 dents the breast shape in a horrible way. View 3 made my bust look flatter than pancakes. I may have another go with no.4, it was the least awful but I'll try cutting it on the straight grain instead of the bias as marked.  So glad I paid very little for that set of patterns. 

There's more pics and info about the red swimsuit above and a post about the Dorothy Lamour style suit I've been working on at @SewVeraVenus