Project Finished!

I have flaked on the last couple of projects, the first one because I realised the dress wouldn't fit me and got to a confusing bit in the pattern and stalled (I will finish it someday!) and the last one because after getting out the fabric and pattern I discovered I was pregnant and didn't want to make a dress that I wouldn't fit into for a while (or ever!).

This time, however, I knew what I wanted to make. It's 'next season' for me because it won't get any use until after I have the baby (due July) but as it's not a fitted garment it will fit a range of sizes.

This is my pattern, bought from Mom's Patterns and dating from 1967, Simplicity 7363:

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I made the short nightdress, but mine looks a lot plainer than the one in the picture:

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I didn't bother with the ribbon at the neckline as something around my neck and in my face while I was trying to sleep would drive me mad! The fabric is a Robert Kaufman print which I bought from a co-op.

I have another project that's cut out and waiting to be sewn, hopefully I can get it done by the end of the month to make up even more for my lapses!