Tomato of my eye

This one's from a vintage Butterick 8149 - a 50s sun frock. Bloody thing had to be resewn about 7 times to get the bodice to fit. The fabric was the cheapest print ever - $2 a metre at Spotlight but then the counter gal forgot to charge me for it. So, free! You get what you pay for - it was quite see-through so it needed lining and scorched if the iron was on anything above the silk setting.

But she came good. I had fun underlining it with an old crisp white sheet, using a metal zipper from the habby stash, and a great old belt buckle.

Yes, those are apples. Doesn't stop my feller calling it "the tomato dress". I think it needs a punny name. Suggestions?

UPDATE: We have a winner. The Apple iFrock.