More on the Vintage Vogue patterns search

Hello, everyone!

With all the excitement and questions lately about Vogue's search for patterns for their Vintage Vogue reproductions, I contacted them for more information about the program. It turns out that most of their reproductions come from customer submissions -- on each pattern, there's a credit line. While they have extensive archives of their pattern catalogs, they need a copy of the actual pattern to make sure that they're staying true to the original fit and design lines. Check out my blog for the full text of their replies to my questions.

Again, the basics of the program are this: scan a copy of your Vogue(s) and email it/them to with "Vintage Vogue Search" in the subject line. If they choose your pattern, you'll be asked to send it in. They'll spend approximately nine months with it, than return it to you. You'll receive credit on the envelope/catalog and some free patterns as well!

Now off to start scanning...I'll be sending in the pattern above as well as a few others!