Introduction & a plea for encouragement!

Hello, my name is Joni and I always cut my notches inward.

I live in Indiana with my cute husband, 3 kids, a hundred or so vintage patterns, and more fabric than you can shake a stick at. I grew up watching my mother sew dresses for me and my 4 sisters (we had the best prom dresses of anyone) but somehow managed to avoid learning how to sew myself. Five years ago I finally bought my first sewing machine and a Simplicity pattern and taught myself how. Boy, am I glad I did! I love to sew and I can't believe I wasted the first 26 years of my life not knowing how. Recently, a dear friend of mine and I launched a doll clothes business together. This is a great way of financially supporting my fabric habit, but it does mean that I don't have as much time to make people clothes as I used to.

Which is why it's the Tuesday before Easter and I am just starting my daughters' Easter dress today. I'm in need of some encouragement so that I don't give up with the goal in view! Here are the patterns I selected. I made my girls vintage dresses last Easter and they went over so big, I had to repeat the trend.

For my 8-year-old, Betsy:
This will be my first time attempting an invisible zip. I've heard that they are easier to insert than regular zippers; however, I've learned not to underestimate my ability to mess up the easy things!

For my 3-year-old, Amy:
I'll be doing the view with the wee little faux apron, of course. The pattern came to me with the transfers for the embroidery (you can't tell but they are little strawberries! Could you think of anything cuter?) but I don't embroider as it is too similar to hand sewing, which I loathe. So I need to come up with another way of embellishing the scallops on the apron. Do you think little bows would work?

Now that I've put that out there, I have got to get these dresses done by Sunday. I'll be too embarrassed if I don't!