Another Newbie!


Just posting a brief hello and introduction. I'm Hannah, 22 from London. Only been sewing since Christmas and am teaching myself (with help from the readers digest book), but I think it's all progressing okay. Like to make sure each of my projects has a new first in it, although button holes still terrify me!

Mainly I like mid 50s to mid 70s patterns and have a growing collection of vintage patterns and fabric (to my boyfriends horror!). The last couple of things I've sewed were these:

An early 50s dress by Vogue, made out of peach-touch crepe .....

And an easy circle skirt, I actually made this pattern up as my first ever project but this fabric being a little crisper came out much much better.

So what's my "thank god it's spring" project going to be? Well it's a bit hard to think like that when we've reached summer temperatures this week, good ole weird British weather! But I definately have a few patterns I want to make up which would make a good spring item, possibly a nice A-Line 60s dress with some pink crimpoline I have .... we shall see.